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Today's Takeaway Thursday FEB 25, 2021

This is the Economic GPS

Today's Takeaway Report

I'm Thaddeus Cummins

Today is February 25th Thursday 2021 9:30 AM NY, NY, USA

#Yen Index

The U.S. dollar USD, British sterling GBP and Euro EUR are all up between .24 and .84 percent against the Japanese yen JPY as SP500 opened flat.

#Pandemic News

Moderna expects $18.6 Billion in vaccine sales in 2021.

#Climate News

DOW petrochemical president Penrice sees climate change as something likely to happen, high probability and high impact.

#Trade News

Global trade increased 1.3% in 2020 with fourth quarter revised to 4% according to Dutch reports.

#Economic Calendar News

Germany consumer confidence better than estimated.