It's Tuesday.

This is the Economic Gps Takeaway ReadToME

I'm Thaddeus Cummins.

Today is May 24, 2022 Tuesday NY, NY USA


The Yen Index is on a downward trend.

#Global Trade Takeaway

For more sustainable and efficient global shipping, companies should look at reducing waste, transport and CO2.


#Economic Takeaway

The circular economy is the business opportunity of our time.


#Pandemic/Health Takeaway

Monkeypox outbreak won't be the next global pandemic thanks to vaccines.


#Climate Takeaway

Climate heavy hitters met with White House national climate advisor Gina McCarthy in October 2021. The roster of 16 influencers indicates which climate change advocates have the ear of top Biden aides.



The US dollar is gaining on the Japanese yen.

This is Thaddeus Cummins looking forward to your continued success. Good day!

"Meditate on the Good. The Math will Follow."

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