It's Thursday

This is the Economic GPS Takeaway

I'm Thaddeus Cummins.

Today is October 21 Thursday NY, NY, USA


The Yen Index is on a downward trend.

#Pandemic News

The COVID-19 pandemic will go on for a year longer because poorer countries are not getting the vaccines they need.


#Climate News

Seville, Spain intends to be the first city in the world to name and categorize heatwaves like hurricanes. Extreme heat kills more individuals than any other weather event.


#Global Trade News

China says it is committed to deepening reforms and opening up its economy.


#Economic Calendar News

Canadian year-to-year core inflation is at 3.7% for September.


#Technical USD/JPY

USD/JPY is on a downward trend.

This is Thaddeus Cummins looking forward to your continued success. Good day!

Thaddeus N. Cummins

"Meditate on the Good. The Math will Follow."

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