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Today is April 5 Monday 10:00 AM NY, NY, USA


USD, GBP and EUR all fall versus JPY in Monday morning trading.

#Pandemic News

Eastern European coronavirus cases subside as mutant strains of the virus keep scientists busy worldwide.

#Climate News

US President Biden's "Build Back Better" infrastructure package leans on zero emission technology for a modern and more productive infrastructure.

#Trade News

The majority of global companies expects to see revenue growth over the next 12 months.

#Economic Calendar News

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen calls for global minimum corporate tax. Russia's Putin passed a law allowing him two more terms. Russian tensions with Ukraine rise.

#Technical USD/JPY

USD/JPY drops from near 110.8 to 110 but remains within long channel. One hundred and ten Japanese Yen to 1 US dollar was the dominant fractal for USD/JPY first quarter 2020.

This is Thaddeus Cummins looking forward to your continued success. Good day!

Thaddeus Cummins

"Meditate on the Good. The Math will Follow"

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