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August Summary

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

August 2022

Here is an EconomicGps summary of global and US events from the past weeks that will likely impact markets going forward, throughout August and the fall.

Top Global Risk

Russia's invasion of the Ukraine continues to destroy property and lives as well as threaten world food and energy supplies. Russia feels NATO has broken a promise made with Gorbachev not to expand east. Polish warnings have fallen on deaf ears.

Yen Index x

The Yen index is bullish with the US dollar continuing to gain favor as Italian and British citizens lose confidence in elected officials. Italy and Britain will likely continue business as usual until new governing coalitions are formed.

Climate e

The economic impact of carbon emissions is generating random heat waves and fires threatening life and property. The marginal global response to climate will likely require localities to harden climate resiliency and protect structures and human health city by city.