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Today is Mar 17 Wednesday 10:00 AM NY, NY, USA


USD, GBP and EUR all in trading patterns versus the JPY in anticipation of US Central Bank announcements.

#Pandemic News

Global effort will shake off COVID in 2021 with wise distribution of vaccine.

#Climate News

The 54th session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) meets in July. Their mission is to collect and assess climate change findings and climate's environmental and socioeconomic impacts.

#Trade News

Container box prices quadruple. Global pandemic shipping delays constrain container box availability.

#Economic Calendar

US Banks see strong growth at more than 5% in 2021 for North America and 4% globally. Alternatively, World Bank projections are lower by half.

#Technical USD/JPY on the One Hour Chart

USD/JPY hitting resistance at 109.3 above 200 day moving average in anticipation of US Central bank announcements on rates and yield curve control.

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