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Today is May 24 Monday 10:00 AM NY, NY, USA


Yen index reflects 60% of global GDP. The EUR/JPY pair is up with USD/JPY in a downward trend with lower lows and lower highs as the GBP/JPY is in a trading pattern.

#Trade News

Airline markets are in play with potential US restrictions on new Mexican airline routes and Belarus airlines are under review.

#Climate News

The City of Baltimore is vulnerable to sea level rise and has sued 21 oil and gas companies for distribution and production of carbon dioxide emissions related to climate change and sea level rise. The US Supreme Court ruled the interstate nature of pollution should be heard at the Federal level.

#Pandemic News

COVID is creating forced changes and opportunities according to the Confederation of British Industry. "This country will never have a greater opportunity to transform our economy and society," CBI Director General Tony Danker said.

#Economic Calendar News

U.K. shopper numbers rise as indoor #hospitality opens up.

#Technical USD/JPY

USD/JPY falling into trading pattern around 109.8. Trading patterns are when the market price has buyers and sellers in agreement and shares trade at price.

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