Be good to yourself, it's Monday.

Updated: Aug 9

This is the Economic Gps Takeaway

I'm Thaddeus Cummins.

Today is August 8, 2022 Monday NY, NY USA


The Yen Index is on a downward pattern to start the week.

#Global Trade Takeaway

Rocketing tanker freight rates send Mexico’s fuel costs soaring.


#Economic Takeaway

The Federal Reserve Bank released the July 2022 Survey of Consumer Expectations, which shows substantial declines in short, medium and longer-term inflation expectations. That being said, customer expectations often reflect a "primacy bias," which emphasizes information learned early on over information encountered later.


#Pandemic/Health Takeaway

The US CDC is expected to relax Covid guidelines as kids head back to school.


#Climate Takeaway

Heat warnings continue across Canada amid scorching temperatures and humidity. Senior citizens will need cooling facilities.



The Japanese yen is gaining on the US dollar.

This is Thaddeus Cummins looking forward to your continued success. Good day!

"Meditate on the Good. The Math will Follow."

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