Be good to yourself, it's Monday.

This is the Economic Gps Takeaway

I'm Thaddeus Cummins.

Today is May 9, 2022 Monday NY, NY USA


The Yen Index is mixed.

#Global Trade Takeaway

China exports slow as virus curbs grow.


#Economic Takeaway

Mexico's annual inflation rate was 7.68% in April.


#Pandemic/Health Takeaway

The pace of Covid-19 cases doubled in April but the average pace of deaths fell by half.


#Climate Takeaway

Cargo ship pollution is on the rise. Technologies exist to make zero-emissions shipping possible but outdated international legislation slows the effort.



The US dollar is gaining on the Japanese yen.

This is Thaddeus Cummins looking forward to your continued success. Good day!

"Meditate on the Good. The Math will Follow." Pop

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