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This is the Economic GPS Yen Index Takeaway Report

I'm Thaddeus Cummins.

Today is Mar 8 MON 10:00 AM NY, NY, USA

#Yen Index

The US dollar, Euro and British sterling were all up versus the Japanese Yen with the US dollar soaring to a new high of 108.8 for 2021. The SP500 is also up with Brent at $70.

#Pandemic News

Covid affects each person and country differently. The US is the hardest hit according to reported health statistics and the U.K. economy with GDP down 10%.

#Climate News

A five hundred square mile three-quarter mile deep section of the Brunt Ice Shelf has started breaking off according to the British Antarctic Survey. As global ice melt raises ocean levels inland fresh water supply is threatened.

#Trade News

Maersk reports container prices have risen from $2,500 to a reported payment of $67,000. Seafaring container ships move 70% of all goods bought and sold globally.

#Economic Calendar News

Switzerland's growth shows improvement. US consumer confidence is up as well as US year to year personal consumption.

#Technical Yen Index on the One Hour Chart

British sterling and Euro railroad reversal candles signals GBP long and EUR short. The USD continues long trend above 200 day moving average with MACD and RSI in top quadrants of historical channels.

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Thaddeus Cummins

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