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About Thad

Thaddeus Cummins was born in 1965 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Growing up, he was fascinated with how people treat each other. This fascination led to studying the western tradition of ethics, the arts, and sciences, and practicing self-reflection. Later, Mr. Cummins developed a passion for game theory ideas about cooperation and why some people do not cooperate and some do. Thad’s favorite book is The Evolution of Cooperation by Robert Axelrod. With a passion for understanding how things work, Thaddeus is exploring how global trade is cooperative, or not, in relation to global risks. reports on events that impact markets and humanity.


After forty years of waiting for markets to smooth out into an equilibrium, Thaddeus believes Joseph Schumpeter was right. The markets never find a happy medium and without support lose efficiency. When not focusing on the markets Thaddeus reads, hikes, and drinks coffee along the Rocky Mountain Front Range.

He enjoys community workdays with neighbors at his co-housing home in Colorado, USA.

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